Services and Solutions

Through a variety of Solutions, Strategies and Services, Integrated Financial has the potential to help our clients to reduce risk, reduce fees, reduce taxes and increase their cash flow.  As a result, our clients experience reduced levels of STRESS stemming from their financial desires, needs, fears and concerns. Per WebMD and other sources, it is a known medical statistic that if you have reduced stress in your life, the incidence of life threatening illnesses is significantly reduced!

Many of these resources focus on various strategies to enhance wealth preservation, which come in a variety of forms, as mentioned in the categories listed.  Prior to founding Integrated Financial Solutions Group in 2006, Mark Trewitt had worked in the insurance and estate planning arena, with a high degree of focus on wealth preservation, since 1981 – over a quarter century.

Listed are some of the areas where a little effort can go a long way towards seeing that what you have worked hard to accumulate is preserved for the individuals and organizations that you love and care about.  Interestingly enough, these are also areas where the largest amounts of "wealth leakage" can exist. The good news is that resources exist for you to be able to learn what you need to know in order to identify and achieve your long term cash flow, retirement, and wealth preservation objectives.