HCM 401(k) Optimizer Resources

"How do I invest my 401(k)?" - From several perspectives, this is a difficult question for financial advisors due to fiduciary issues, but the issue can be quite frustrating for retirement plan participants, due to the inherent fees and limited choices within most employer sponsored retirement programs.  These brief introductory videos below is your first step towards addressing these issues.


The Optimized Trend Indicator - part of your subscription to the HCM 401(k) Optimizer

Below are links to other the online presentation and educational content for the HCM 401(k) Optimizer.

Plan Sponsor Content


Short Introduction

Plan Sponsor – Value Proposition / Comprehensive Overview

Optimized Trend Indicator (Public Companies)

Reducing Fiduciary Risk for Plan Sponsors (includes DALBAR Certification Details and Fiduciary Whitepaper)

Impact of Market Downturn

Impact of Identity Theft

Impact of Fiscal Illiteracy and Financial Education Resources


"How It Works" Introduction

“Putting Your Retirement Plan Choices Into Focus” Comprehensive Overview

HCM 401(k) Optimizer Subscription Tutorial

401(k) Reality Check Micro-Presentations

The War for Your Wallet

Is Your Retirement at Risk?

Economic Reality Check

The 2% Difference

Buy, Hold and Pray is OVER

Optimizing Your 401(k)

The Power of an Optimized 401(k)

Impact of Market Downturn

Impact of Identity Theft

Features and Benefits Segments

Optimized Trend Indicator - Micro-Presentation

Cost Perspective – One Dollar Per Day

HCM-BuyLine Overview

Identity Theft (LifeLock)

HCM University


The 401(k) Optimizer not only provides a resource to help plan participants be on the "right side" of the market with their plan balances, it can also be used for balances within variable life and annuity accounts.  Subscription to the 401(k) Optimizer includes:

  • Membership in LifeLock, a $110 value

  • Access to the Optimized Trend Indicator, allowing you to have directional guidance on your employer's publicly traded stock (when present in 401(k) plans or stock option programs) or your single favorite stock

  • Access to HCM University, which provides the same great content found in IFSG University, as well as push email notifications for timely financial alerts and market updates.

Further, subscription to the 401(k) Optimizer through Integrated Financial Solutions Group provides the following "value added" benefits:

  • Use the IFSG coupon code "HCM1174" and receive a 10% discount off of the retail subscription price for 401(k) Optimizer

  • The "KEY" to understanding starts with education. Every 401(k) Optimizer Subscriber who uses our coupon code "HCM1174" is provided with a complimentary copy of The Wealth Code 2.0 - How the Rich Stay Rich in Good Times and Bad as the first stage of our client education curriculum (a $39.95 value).